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A Hard Truth about American Health Care

Welcome to the latest #DataRX Report, a weekly digest of interesting news and trending topics in the healthcare industry. Every Friday we're pulling together the best articles and insights to keep payors and providers informed, engaged and up to date on the headlines that are impacting the industry. 


Newborn baby several days old enjoying new life

Toe Ointment, a $937 bill, and a hard truth about American health care
For many patients and parents, the emergency room may be the only option (due to day of the week or timing) but it comes with a hefty--and often outrageous--price. Vox digs in to the structural issues at play.

Prescription for Payors

Doctor checking stomach of pregnant patient in medical office

Humana Launches Maternity Care Bundled Payment Model
As some of the most common reasons for hospitalizations in the U.S., pregnancy and childbirth are a particularly good fit for a bundled payment model. Here’s how Humana’s making it happen.

Closeup portrait female health care professional, doctor, nurse with stethoscope holding piggy bank, dollar bill, isolated red background. Medical insurance, medicare reimbursement, reform concept

California’s ambitious plan to regulate health prices, explained
In response to the wild variations in healthcare prices (not to mention quality!) we’ve already highlighted, the state of California is trying to step in.


Close up of businessperson hand holding money bags

High-Deductible Health Plan, HSA Enrollment Reached 21M in 2017
High-deductible health plans and health savings accounts are expected to continue to grow in the near future, but why? AHIP suggests that older working adults are using these plans to prepare for retirement.

Prescription for Providers

Doctor taking care of patient in hospital room

Two Things to Know About the Patient as the New Healthcare Payer
Patient out-of-pocket costs have tripled in the last 10 years. Jonathan Wilk, principal healthcare strategy for TransUnion, suggests two pieces of advice for healthcare executives to consider.


Doctor working on a laptop at the office

30% of physician practices to replace their EHR within 3 years, Black Book says
Why are 30% of physician practices looking to replace their EHR in the next few years? Black Book found that many practices are seeking a more customizable and integrated EHR.

Businessman hand working with a Cloud Computing diagram on the new computer interface as concept-1

Applying the Pareto Principle to your Cloud Strategy
You want to transition to the cloud but don’t know where to start. Our very own, Paul Boal, has three easy steps to get you started. 

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