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#DataRX Report: February 9, 2018

Prescription for Payors-
An ER visit, a $12,000 bill – and a health insurer that wouldn’t pay -- This woman’s story highlights why transparency in pricing is key in the efforts to improve patient experience and control healthcare costs.

Prescription for Providers-
Statistics show that only 16 percent of Americans eligible for a Medicare annual wellness visit have had one. Learn more about how Privia Medical Group managed to nearly double the national average here: Pop health tech improves medical group’s ACO performance with Medicare wellness visits.

What to keep your eye on-
Everyone has heard of Smart Homes but have you heard of the Smart Home Health Platform? Andrew Weinreich states, “The home transitions from a place that you take care of to a place that takes care of you.” Find out more and why it matters: Smart Homes Won’t Just Automate Your Life – They’ll Track Your Health Too

Your recommended dose of Data Analytics-
Will the Amazon News Matter to Healthcare?
 Amitech Founder and CEO, Amit Bhagat thinks so. Find out why he believes it will have a huge impact on the industry and what leaders in healthcare can do to successfully navigate the changes.

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