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#DataRX Report: February 16, 2018

Prescription for Payors-

David Krause, VP of the Business Improvement Group at Anthem, believes the healthcare billing system is broken and consumers are unsure about what they owe. “We need to find a way to make it clear to a member as soon as possible after a visit exactly how much they owe,” Krause said. “We need benefit design that is smarter and easier to understand.” Read more here: Anthem VP: Healthcare billing system is broken.

Prescription for Providers-

Future-proofing population health: Embrace predictive analytics, social determinants and patient-generated data now- What can be done to help prepare for the future of population health management? Read more to find out about success stories in hospitals from population health.

What to keep your eye on-

What is propelling health IT spending in 2018? According to a recent survey from Damo Consulting value-based care initiatives are the biggest drivers of healthcare technology spending this year. Read more to find out what else will have an impact on healthcare technology spending this year.

Your recommended dose of Data Analytics-

Do you think it’s ok to get a surprise bill for $12k after a visit to the ER? Eric Keeney doesn’t. Find out why he believes it isn’t ok and what changes could be made to prevent it from happening in the future: Decoding Healthcare Price Transparency. 

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