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Key Automation Solutions for COVID-19 Management

As you face the greatest organizational challenge of your career, please know that the Amitech team is here for you—and not just in spirit.

In this moment, minutes count and RPA can save a lot of them. We’re currently working closely with several of our customers helping to deploy automation solutions for a variety of COVID-19 related workloads. Please review this one-page brief to learn more about the top 10 solutions we’re developing right now and how your fellow leaders in healthcare are using them to make a meaningful difference on the front lines of this fight.

Our partner, UiPath—the global leader in RPA Software—has generously offered to provide the software basics required to get some of these automation solutions off the ground. We’re happy and honored to answer UiPath’s call and offer our development and support services to hasten and ease the process even further. Please contact us for additional details or to get started on an automation solution of your own.

View the full brief below. To download a PDF version to share, click here:



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