Automation from the C-Level Perspective

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Skyrocketing healthcare costs and unprecedented workforce shortages are healthcare's most important and urgent problems. These two challenges disrupt the operations of health systems and plans.

With intelligent automation, Amitech can help healthcare organizations reduce at least 1% of revenue from operating expenses - this is the Power of 1. Healthcare payors and providers can achieve real value creation with a top-down approach to an Automation Program.

Watch this on-demand video presentation from UiPath's Forward 5 automation conference featuring industry leaders at Amitech, UiPath, Banco Azteca, and Patrick Industries as they discuss what matters most to your executives and how to make the most out of your automation journey with the Power of 1.

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Did you know if hospitals do not achieve productivity growth by 2025, up to 60% could face negative margins? Amitech helped Mercy save $3M in the first year!


Hear the most common topics and questions healthcare clients ask us about security concerns when enabling a digital workforce.


When data impacts every level of your business and can dramatically change your bottom line, it's too risky not to evaluate your data management practices.