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Amit Bhagat
Acceleration of Healthcare Reform
The pandemic has put a lot of pressure on our healthcare ecosystem. We are all wondering how our healthcare ecosystem will emerge from this?
Amit Bhagat
#2020Trends: The Changing Future of Work
The final post in the #2020trends blog series focuses on the changing future of work. Check it out and see how I think the digital workforce is going to impact the healthcare industry.
Amit Bhagat
#2020Trends: Rx Price Pressure
Rx prices are the fifth trend to watch for in 2020. Prices are projected to increase 6% annually from 2020-2027. Find out what to expect moving forward.
Amit Bhagat
#2020Trends: The Ever-Growing MA Market
Medicare Advantage plans are going to be critical as the healthcare industry shifts towards value-based care. Find out why in my latest post on #2020Trends.
Amit Bhagat
#2020Trends: Care Model Innovation
Next up in my new series on key healthcare trends for 2020, the drive for alternative ways to access care.
Amit Bhagat
#2020Trends: The Retailization of Care
The retailization of care takes the number two spot in my new series on key trends in healthcare for 2020.
Amit Bhagat
#2020Trends: The Tipping Point in Value-Based Care
It is 2020 and healthcare is at a crossroads. Find out what to expect in the coming decade.
Amit Bhagat
RPA & AI: Same Difference?
Is RPA another flavor of Artificial Intelligence? Read to out what the difference really is.
Amit Bhagat
The Top 5 Benefits of RPA in Healthcare
You probably know about the cost-savings, but what about the other big benefits of RPA?
Amit Bhagat
The Biggest Myth in the RPA Biz
Is a robot going to steal my job?
Amit Bhagat
Busting the Myths About RPA
Sort out what’s fact and what’s fiction when it comes to RPA.
Amit Bhagat
Why Bother with Data Governance?
If half of all data governance initiatives fail, why bother with data governance? Find out the secret to data governance success here.
Amit Bhagat
The Makings of Modern Healthcare IT
Find out the key ingredients in effectively aligning the IT strategy at a Major Southern Payor with business priorities.
Amit Bhagat
Will the Amazon news matter to healthcare leaders?
This is your Wake-up Call
Amit Bhagat
Treating Chronic Disease with Data
Data can Serve as a Powerful Supplement

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